Woman gets husband’s name tattooed on her forehead in viral video

A viral video showing a woman getting her husband’s name tattooed on her forehead has been making rounds on social media. The video was uploaded on Instagram by Bengaluru-based tattoo parlour King Maker Tattoo Studio and has gained millions of views since then.

The video shows the woman sitting inside the parlour and getting the tattoo done. As the video plays, it begins by showing the woman sitting on the chair, while the artist carefully lays the stencil of her husband’s name, Satish, on her forehead. He then goes on to use the machine to scribble the name, which visibly makes the woman uncomfortable.

The Instagram page is full of tattoo videos from the parlour where a lot of people were seen getting some really unique designs on different parts of their bodies.

This video has evoked strong reactions from social media users. Some people found it to be an act of overaction while others defended the couple’s decision. However, many people agreed that true love doesn’t require to be proved and should be felt by care, affection, priority, being there no matter what, supporting, uplifting, and understanding.

Source: Firstpost

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