“The Best Of Us”: Daredevil Gives Spider-Man The Respect He Truly Deserves

Daredevil and Spider-Man are two of the most iconic Marvel Comics characters, and they have a long history of fighting side-by-side on the streets of New York City. However, in a recent story, the two heroes had to face each other in combat, and Daredevil was forced to recognize that Spider-Man is ‘the best of us’, giving him the respect he truly deserves.

In Daredevil #10, by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Cecchetto, and Matthew Wilson, the Avengers and other heroes storm the island fortress where Daredevil has built the base of the Fist, the organization he created to destroy the Hand once and for all. Spider-Man pursues the retreating Daredevil and the two fight in a dark corridor. Despite the condition being favorable to Matt, and the new mystical powers he got from the Fist magic, he is still overwhelmed by Spider-Man’s strength, speed, and agility. Even if he’s eventually able to trick Spider-Man and get the win, Daredevil has to recognize that he is ‘the best of us’.

Marvel Comics often forgets how powerful Spider-Man really is. The common perception is that he is on a lower level compared to powerhouses such as Thor, Hulk, or Hercules. However, this is mostly due to the way that the character has been portrayed over the years. Spider-Man’s appeal is that he is the most ‘human’ of Marvel heroes, which means that he is often seen struggling or beaten, only to rise up and save the day. Add to it Spider-Man’s ‘never take myself too seriously’ attitude, and that’s why he rarely receives the respect he deserves from his peers.

The confrontation between Spider-Man and Daredevil in this issue is meaningful on many levels. The two share a lot of history, and they have witnessed their fair share of tragedy, which created a lasting bond. Daredevil’s exceptional senses and his combat expertise also make him able to perceive Spider-Man’s true strength. Matt says that Peter is ‘pure power’, and even with the magic of the Fist boosting him, he has no chance of beating Spider-Man in a fair fight. Daredevil has to move faster and hit harder than he ever did, only to gain a few seconds of respite for a strategic retreat.

This confrontation also pulls out the two heroes’ different views of the world. Spider-Man is angry because Daredevil has busted out of prison criminals to recruit them in his army, while Matt thinks that this is a chance for redemption. In Daredevil’s eyes, Spider-Man is naive. He puts crooks and criminals in prison without asking himself ‘why’, or caring about the bigger picture. Spider-Man is ‘a good man’, but that is not enough anymore for Daredevil, who decided to take the law into his own hands.

Ultimately, despite disagreeing with Spider-Man’s view of the world, Daredevil still has the utmost respect for him. This is not just because Spider-Man’s incredible powers and skills let him beat even an accomplished fighter like Daredevil, but because, perhaps, Peter Parker’s unbreakable morality is something that Matt Murdock once had too, and now he misses it.

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