Tales of Seikyu: A New Asian-Fantasy Farming and Life Sim Game

Chinese developer ACE Entertainment has recently unveiled their new Asian-fantasy and folklore farming/life sim game, Tales of Seikyu. The game puts players in the shoes of a character who takes over a run-down inn in a forgotten realm where mythical beasts dwell. The game is set in the lost land of Seikyu, which is inhabited by various legendary creatures from around the world. The town residents, including the always tipsy and exquisite bar owner Shuten-dōji, the sharp-tongued and rebellious folklorist Yoji who is obsessed with the study of ancient gods, and the former mafia boss Otter Andolini who now only cares about his dock, each lead their own lives. Despite the seemingly peaceful atmosphere, the town is constantly threatened by the power of the Old Gods. As an outsider, can you successfully manage the old inn entrusted to you by the Inari God?

The game is planned to be released on Windows PC via Steam, with console ports later for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game features a unique blend of farming simulation and adventure game genres, with a focus on East Asian-inspired fantasy-style gameplay.

For more information on Tales of Seikyu, check out the game’s reveal trailer:


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