Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins #SaveTheWinchesters Campaign to Save The Winchesters

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the original John Winchester actor in Supernatural, has joined the #SaveTheWinchesters campaign to save the cancelled CW TV series, The Winchesters. The series is a prequel spinoff that follows a young John and Mary Winchester in the 1970s, as they explore their budding romance while saving the world from supernatural monsters. The show premiered in October 2022 and was cancelled after only one season in March 2023.

Morgan urged fans to show their love for The Winchesters and hoped that the spinoff would find a new home with another studio. He wished the cast and crew the best of luck and expanded that The Winchesters “deserve[s] another 19 seasons.”

The CW cancelled The Winchesters amid massive restructuring, but the prequel is being shopped to other networks, with hopes that it will find a new home elsewhere. Producer and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) has also taken to Twitter to mobilize fans, encouraging them to use the hashtag #SaveTheWinchesters to either convince the CW to renew the series or to encourage another network to produce season 2.

The Winchesters gained a massively dedicated following of its own, and Ackles teased a five-season story plan for the show, meaning there are plenty more stories to be told in the Supernatural universe. With both The Winchesters fans and stars alike rooting for the series to be renewed, the CW’s cancellation may not be the end for The Winchesters.

Source: Screen Rant

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