Ice Cubes: A Splendid New Mastodon Client Rejected by App Store

Ice Cubes, a new Mastodon client, has been rejected by the App Store for violating guideline 4.2.2, “Minimum Functionality”. The app, which is open source and has an open TestFlight beta, is fully embracing iOS’s platform-specific design idioms and features. It is a good and rich Mastodon client, written in SwiftUI, that works great on iPhone and iPad. However, the hamfisted faceless reviewer(s) looking at Ice Cubes are repeatedly rejecting it for utterly nonsensical reasons, primarily violating guideline 4.2.2, “Minimum Functionality”.

The rejection of Ice Cubes is both Kafkaesque and all-too-familiar. The app exemplifies what Apple encourages developers to do, and is exactly the sort of app that makes the iPhone, iPad, and Mac the platforms what they are. Native apps are what make Apple’s platforms stand apart, yet the App Store reviewer(s) repeatedly rejecting Ice Cubes apparently think iOS and Mac users are better off using the same cross-platform web apps available on Android and Windows and Chromebooks.

iPhone Twitter clients were the shining lights of that design playground a decade ago. The best interfaces to Twitter, on any platforms, were all native apps on the iPhone and Mac. We’re now on the cusp of a new frontier with Mastodon, and it’s Apple’s utterly clueless bureaucratic App Store reviewers who are doing their best to lock the new playground’s gates before they even open.

Source: Daring Fireball

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