“I Stand Nowhere With Chelsea”: Bre Tiesi Reacts To Feud With Selling Sunset Season 6 Co-star

Bre Tiesi, one of the new agents in Selling Sunset season 6, recently spoke up about her ongoing feud with co-star Chelsea Lazkani. In one of the episodes, Chelsea made insensitive remarks about Bre’s familial situation with Nick Cannon, referring to the father of Bre’s children as a “master manipulator.”

In an interview with People, Bre said that she “stands nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her.” She expressed confusion as to why Chelsea took issue with her personal decisions and added that she doesn’t intend on defending herself anymore. Bre also took to social media to further her stance, sharing multiple photos on Instagram of her, Nick, and their 9-month-old son, Legendary Love.

Chelsea’s disagreement with Bre’s decision isn’t necessarily the issue. The issue is that Chelsea insulted Bre, the father of her children, and came after her for her decisions as a parent–and that is not acceptable. Bre and Chelsea haven’t made amends, and the state of their friendship isn’t likely to change.

The drama of Selling Sunset is entertaining and accepted, so long as it doesn’t cross a line, and Chelsea did by a mile. Selling Sunset season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

Sources: People, Bre Tiesi/Instagram


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