“I Can’t Get Away From Him”: Love Is Blind’s Colleen & Matt Are Moving In Together After 2 Years Married

Controversial Love is Blind season 3 couple, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, are shutting down their doubters with news that they are finally moving in together two years after they got married on the show. In season 3, there were a lot of red flags in Colleen and Matt’s relationship, as Matt seemed to be still dealing with trauma from his previous relationships. However, at the reunion, the two were still together, and spoke about how happy they made each other.

Still, Matt and Colleen raised eyebrows when, on the After the Altar episode, it was revealed that they still had not moved in together, despite being a married couple for several months.

Now, as Colleen revealed on fellow Love is Blind stars Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati’s podcast, Out Of The Pods, she and Matt have finally made plans to move in together. “Me and Matt are going to move in together in the next two weeks,” Colleen announced on the podcast. She clarified that they do not have the finances to buy a home, but will instead be renting one in Dallas, which will give them time to find “the perfect home” in the future. However, Colleen added that she and Matt “practically live together already,” as her apartment is closer to Matt’s work, so he preferred to stay there.

Colleen didn’t provide details on her new apartment, but it seems her new place will be much bigger than her old place, a modestly-sized studio apartment. “I’m excited to live with him outside of a studio,” Colleen mentioned. “I mean, if I can live with this man in a studio, then I can live with him wherever because I can’t get away from him in these four walls,” the Love is Blind star joked. It’s true that living in cramped quarters can put a relationship to the test—as many couples found out during the pandemic. So the fact that Colleen and Matt’s relationship survived their studio apartment is notable.

Perhaps, Matt and Colleen are more solid than viewers give them credit for. Matt in particular received a lot of criticism for the way he treated Colleen on Love is Blind, and some even accused him of exhibiting abusive behavior. Still, despite the many red flags, Colleen has stood by her man, and the fact that she feels good enough about their relationship to move in with him, is a sign that Matt may have gotten a bad edit on the show. There are sure to be those who still doubt the couple’s relationship and worry about Colleen’s safety, but since the show, Matt and Colleen have seemed like a happy couple.

Colleen and Matt moving in together is a good sign for their relationship. It was very odd that they were still living apart, even after two years married, and it cast doubt on whether they would stay together. But now with the news that they’ve found an apartment, and Colleen’s assertion that they had basically been living together already, it seems that the Love is Blind couple’s relationship has found its footing.

Source: Out Of The Pods/Apple Podcasts, Colleen Reed/Instagram


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