Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow Launches This Month – A Look at the Action-Adventure Game

Publisher Ravenage Games and developer Frozen Line have announced that their action-adventure game, Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow, will be launching this month on May 24th for Windows PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store). The game is also coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5 sometime later.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow follows the story of Griffin, a young boy who is struggling to face his fears. He is accompanied by his teddy bear companion, Birly, who helps him traverse the expanse of light and darkness. The duo must confront traumatic memories and make amends with the monsters of the past in order to succeed.

Birly is an invaluable companion, as Griffin can send him anywhere he can’t reach. He can be tossed over a high beam to press a button or commanded to crawl into a tiny hole. Together, the duo can move heavy objects, overcome traps and succeed at whatever new challenges await them.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow is a unique action-adventure game that offers an interesting story and challenging puzzles. It is sure to be a hit with gamers when it launches later this month.

Source: Niche Gamer

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