Creating a High-Speed Projectile Build for Vampire Survivors

Are you looking to create a high-speed projectile build for Vampire Survivors? You have many options when it comes to building your survivor, and one of those options is creating a build that utilizes the Speed stat, which affects how fast the projectiles of most weapons move. By pairing the Speed stat with Projectile weapons, you can have a never-ending supply of projectiles that shoot in all directions from your character.

To achieve the highest possible Projectile speed, you need to follow the below steps: This provides you with player level plus 105% Projectile Speed. However, this is not the best build because it doesn’t account for survivability, just the highest possible Projectile Speed in the game. The build below may not have the highest Projectile Speed, but it will keep you alive, making it more viable.

The Fast Projectile build utilizes projectiles shooting from your survivor to quickly deal massive amounts of damage to the enemies surrounding you. You can go with any Arcanas that fit your playstyle, although the bouncing projectiles are insane fun. Here is the full build: This build focuses on the Knife and Magic Wand as the primary weapons. Once they are fully upgraded, you will have uninterrupted attacks that are very powerful. The Fire Wand will cover the remainder of the area left by the two primary weapons. The Whip will protect you from enemies if they get too close and will heal you when at max level. Finally, the Axe and Cross will provide additional projectiles and supports the build.

Creating a high-speed projectile build for Vampire Survivors is a great way to maximize your damage output and survivability. With the right Arcanas and weapons, you can create a build that will keep you alive and deal massive amounts of damage to your enemies. For more information on Vampire Survivors builds, check out Attack of the Fanboy’s guide.

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