Charlize Theron Approves of Anya Taylor-Joy’s Casting as Furiosa in Mad Max Prequel

Charlize Theron, the star of Mad Max: Fury Road, has given her approval of Anya Taylor-Joy’s casting as Furiosa in the upcoming prequel. Taylor-Joy will play a younger version of the post-apocalyptic warrior Imperator Furiosa, a character Theron brought to life in the 2015 film. Theron recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the prequel and expressed her confidence in Taylor-Joy’s ability to do the character justice, saying she “can’t think of a better actress” for the role.

Theron also revealed that she had only met Taylor-Joy “years ago” and had not spoken to her since she was cast in the role. Nonetheless, Theron remains proud of her work as Furiosa and regards the character as one of “the most important characters I have ever played.”

The prequel, which is set for release in 2024, will be the fifth film in the Mad Max franchise and the first not to feature the character Max Rockatansky. Taylor-Joy will be joined on screen by Chris Hemsworth in an undisclosed role.

Source: Screen Rant

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