“Cash Grab”: RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Accused Of “Bleeding Out” Ex Lenny’s Finances

The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is facing accusations of spending her estranged husband Lenny Hochstein’s money at an alarming rate. The couple split up in May 2022 and have been in constant legal battle over the terms of their divorce ever since. In documents obtained by Page Six, Lenny filed an “urgent” petition for Lisa to stick to the terms of their previous support agreements. The RHOM star allegedly spent thousands of dollars on the grocery app Instacart alone in one month. The documents read, “Lisa has embarked on a course of conduct aimed at ‘bleeding out’ [Lenny] from a financial standpoint,” with the documents also claiming that she charged over $10,000 to the Instacart account. Lenny claimed that $4,000 of that alone was spent in one week. While it would appear Lisa is grocery shopping, Lenny said that her actions “constitute marital waste,” and it’s a “cash grab.”

The day after that petition was filed, Lisa turned around and filed a separate document of her own. She said that Lenny has “turned off” her ability to access Instacart, Uber, and Uber Eats, which she claimed is a “violation” of another order that had been previously submitted. This all comes amid an ongoing battle where Lisa is attempting to have their prenup overturned and Lenny is fighting to keep it intact and make sure it is enforced. This latest legal battle comes after a recent court battle where it was decided Lenny must pay Lisa $8,000 per month.

The constant back and forth would be difficult for both Lisa and Lenny, as the divorce proceedings have been going on now for nearly a year. The couple share two children, a son named Logan, 7, and a daughter named Elle, 3. The whole situation would no doubt take a toll on them as well. From legal battles to statements being made from Lenny about attempting to get Lisa jailed so that the children would have a new mother in his current girlfriend are surely rattling to have to deal with. The Real Housewives franchise is no stranger to dramatic breakups and divorces where large amounts of money are involved.

As the situation continues to play out, the exes’ next hearing is scheduled for May 22, and maybe further decisions will be made then. However, if Lisa and Lenny each stand their ground, the legal battle could continue to be long and drawn out. The Real Housewives of Miami fans will no doubt get to see a little taste of what has been going on eventually as the couple settles their issues in court, and it is discussed on the show. Hopefully, Lisa and Lenny are able to come to an agreement that suits their children best and ends in a best-case scenario for everyone.

Sources: Page Six, Lisa Hochstein/Instagram


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