Beat Hazard 3 Preview – fantastical music and shooter action

Beat Hazard 3 is a new rhythm game that takes music from your local library, Spotify, or YouTube and turns it into a twin-stick shooter experience where you shoot synchronized with the beat and enemy spawns match the song’s tempo. It seems to work best with faster-paced music, but everything I’ve thrown at it has worked so far.

The game is extremely customizable, giving the player difficulty modes that range from 100% to 2000%, as well as letting you choose visual intensity. Speaking of visuals, I never played a game that was so intent on giving me a seizure. Everything that happens in Beat Hazard is followed by an insanely bright pulsating effect to accompany it. The fact that the game’s default visual intensity is 200% speaks volumes. It enhances everything fantastically, but at some point, you have no idea what is happening anymore.

Level generation has a slight caveat. As I mentioned earlier, it works really well with fast-paced music; metal songs have bosses showing up at the coolest moments, and it really manages to enhance the tracks, but something about songs with a slower pace makes for ridiculously difficult levels, where your screen gets filled to the brim with missiles.

Beat Hazard 3 also comes with its own soundtrack, which is actually not bad, but everyone is playing it for their own music. It’s nice that it was included, but it won’t see that much use aside from testing out the game.

As far as I care, Beat Hazard 3 is a complete game; despite being an Early Access title, I don’t feel like anything is missing. The fact that the developer doesn’t want to call it a 1.0 release too soon is honestly commendable, because it feels like a finished product to me.

Source: Niche Gamer

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