Atmospheric Strayed Lights is Now Available on Xbox

Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure game that offers a unique combat system designed to let players experience moments of bliss and the satisfying flow that comes from challenge. The game features an intricate world and storyline based on emotions that allows players to connect to the game on a deeper level.

The combat in Strayed Lights is a mix of two core mechanics that create a sense of engagement and excitement. The first is a parry-focused approach, inspired by Sekiro, but more forgiving. Players are encouraged to experiment without punishment while being rewarded for being precise and mixing parries with attacks, key abilities, and dodges. The second mechanic is a color-matching system: players can switch between blue and orange and so can their enemies; to parry, players must match their color. This creates a heightened sense of engagement and immersion through observation.

To create this unique combat system, the developers prioritized player feedback by inviting players to test the game from its rough prototype stage. Through iterations and discussions with players throughout the game’s production, the combat system was able to evolve to its full potential, resulting in a challenging and immersive experience.

Strayed Lights is now available on Xbox. Players can experience the unique combat system and connect to the game on a deeper level.

Source: Atmospheric Strayed Lights is Available Now on Xbox – Xbox Wire

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