Apple’s VR Headset to Run Hundreds of Thousands of iPad Apps

Apple is reportedly taking an all-encompassing approach to features with its upcoming virtual reality headset. According to Bloomberg, the headset, dubbed the “Reality Pro”, will be compatible with hundreds of thousands of iPad apps. Customers will be able to watch sports in virtual reality and play “top-tier” games that work with Apple’s other devices.

The headset will run most of Apple’s flagship iPad apps, including Books, Camera, FaceTime, Maps, and Messages. There are also hundreds of thousands of third-party iPad apps that will reportedly be compatible with the headset at launch. The Fitness app will reportedly be a point of particular focus, although Bloomberg said the feature “likely” won’t be available at launch.

The new headset will also reportedly feature an external battery that sits inside a user’s pocket, connected to the headset by a specialized charging cable. The battery is visually similar to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, and will itself be charged by an industry-standard USB-C cable, according to the report.

The headset is widely expected to be announced in June, at Apple’s WWDC event. Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the company is concerned about consumer response to the product, amid a softening macroeconomic background. Apple’s headset will reportedly cost a minimum of $3,000, three times as expensive as Meta’s high-end Quest Pro.

This article was sourced from CNBC. For more information on the latest in virtual reality technology, see this article from ScienceDirect.

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