All Weapon Mastery Trials in Apex Legends and How to Complete Them

In Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, a new Weapon Mastery system was introduced which allows players to earn XP and complete Trials on a specific gun for interesting rewards. While the rewards themselves might not be incredible, they definitely give you bragging rights. Here is every Weapon Mastery Trial for each gun and how to complete them in Apex Legends.

There are 29 different guns in Apex Legends and each one has its own Weapon Mastery Trials and progression. You’ll earn Weapon Mastery XP for doing just about anything with that specific weapon — dealing damage, getting kills, and holding the weapon.

If you want to show off your skills in Apex Legends, completing these Weapon Mastery Trials is a great way to do it. So, get ready to master every gun in the game and become a true Apex Legends champion!


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