“A New Fresh Start”: How Cliffhanger Sequel Will Evolve Stallone Franchise Explained

Director Ric Roman Waugh has revealed how the upcoming Cliffhanger sequel will evolve the Sylvester Stallone-led franchise. The original movie, released in the early ’90s, starred Stallone as a mountain climber and ranger who becomes caught up in an attempted heist of a U.S. Treasury plane containing over $100 million. Despite its modest critical reception, the movie was a financial success, but development on a sequel has languished for decades.

However, Waugh, who is directing the sequel, has teased that the new film will evolve the story in the same way that Top Gun: Maverick and the Creed movies did for their respective franchises. Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, Waugh shared some story details and revealed that Stallone’s character will have a daughter who is also a mountaineering climber. The movie will be set in the Italian Alps, and Waugh promised that “all hell breaks loose”.

Waugh’s decision to shift away from a female-led reimagining towards a legacy sequel for the next Cliffhanger movie is an interesting step for the franchise. Ana Lily Amirpour, who was attached to the female-led version, told Screen Rant in October 2021 that development on a new script was nearly complete and indicated it would be somewhere between a remake and sequel in the same vein as Prey. However, considering the success of legacy sequels in recent years, it may have been that her approach was no longer of interest to the producers.

It remains to be seen whether Waugh’s Cliffhanger sequel will reach the same heights of success as Top Gun: Maverick and the Creed movies. However, with Waugh looking towards the two legacy sequels for inspiration, the biggest key for the Cliffhanger sequel’s success seems to lie in how it sets up its next generation of characters.


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