8 Video Game Characters Who Would Love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might not exist in all of these characters’ worlds, but if it did, they’d enjoy the holiday to its fullest! In the world of video games, both indie games like Hades and AAA blockbuster titles like God of War, there are plenty of fictional characters who would likely enjoy the benefits a holiday like Valentine’s Day provides.

Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 and is initially introduced as a grizzled curmudgeon who wants nothing more than to be left to himself. As the story unfolds though, it becomes quite clear that Arthur is much more compassionate and empathetic than he originally presented.

Chansey is the most natural caretaker in the world of Pokemon. Entries in the Pokedex regarding this rotund pink creature talk about how it goes out of its way to heal other Pokemon in the wild that have been wounded and need help.

The relationship between Amy Rose and Sonic the Hedgehog is interesting, since it is obvious that she is much more affectionate and in love than he is. She’s always had the attitude of someone who pursues the things they want in life, and made that perfectly clear in terms of her crush on Sonic.

The Lamb from Cult of the Lamb loves to be adored and admired by their followers on any given day, so a holiday like Valentine’s Day allows them to squeeze this captive audience for even more of their undivided attention.

Commander Shepard throughout the trilogy shows a willingness to entertain the love and admiration of anyone willing to reciprocate it. It doesn’t matter what gender or alien race someone is, Commander Shepard is open to loving and falling in love with anyone.

Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 is a kind and gentle soul who manages to maintain a strong magic aura about herself. She has a sense of determination in the face of danger and despair that brings her optimism and hopeful attitude to the forefront.

Among all the official Psychonauts agents, Milla Vodello is easily the kindest and most empathetic of the bunch. When looking at which individuals were most capable and likely of using their abilities for evil, she falls dead last in that possible thought experiment.

Alex Chen from Life is Strange: True Colors could feel them in a way that brought through said feelings in a colorful pattern that made it even easier to understand.

These video game characters may not be real, but they certainly have personalities that would make them great Valentine’s Day dates. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to take them out on a romantic evening in a virtual world.


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