7-Year-Old Fashion Designer Believes He Was Gucci in a Past Life

Max Alexander, a 7-year-old fashion designer, has been making waves in the fashion industry with his innate talent and creativity. According to his mother, Max believes that he was Guccio Gucci in a past life, and his confidence in himself is coupled with his natural ability to design and create clothes.

Max’s mom, Madison, has been one of his biggest supporters ever since her son told her that he was a dressmaker. She enrolled him in classes at their local sewing shop, where he learned more about garment construction. But his innate ability to know what looks good on the human body is all his own.

Max has already produced more than a hundred designs, which have led to incredible opportunities, including a jacket for actor Sharon Stone and selling his work around the world. Although he’s just a first-grader, Max dreams of being the head of the House of Gucci or having his own atelier. Considering his drive and talents, his future looks bright.


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