12 Manchester Nightclubs Readers Would Like to See Return

Manchester has been known for its vibrant music scene and nightclubs for decades. However, many of these iconic nightclubs have closed down over the years, leaving only memories behind. Recently, ManchesterWorld asked its readers which nightclubs they would like to see brought back to life. The response was overwhelming, with over 100 people sharing their thoughts.

One of the most popular choices was the legendary Hacienda, which was at the heart of the Madchester scene and played a huge role in the creation of the British acid house and rave scenes. Other clubs associated with particular music scenes, such as the Twisted Wheel and Jilly’s Rockworld, were also mentioned.

However, not everyone was comfortable with the idea of bringing back these nightclubs. Some readers suggested that the magic of these iconic venues couldn’t be recreated a second time if they were brought back today. One commenter even suggested that if the Hacienda were around now, it would be full of tourists taking selfies all night.

Despite the mixed opinions, it’s clear that Manchester’s music scene and nightclubs have left a lasting impression on its residents. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see some of these iconic venues return.

Sources: ManchesterWorld

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