10 Best Fall Guys Creative Maps

Fall Guys, the popular battle royale game, has a thriving gaming community that creates amazing custom maps. Here are the 10 best Fall Guys creative maps:

  1. Spiky Cylinder Rollers: This map features springy bounce pads and spinning spiked cylinder rollers that players must navigate to reach the end.
  2. Rick Roll: This classic Rick Roll song is now a Fall Guys map where players climb up a wall and proceed with the rest of the map.
  3. Tower Climb: Players must climb up a tower while avoiding obstacles. There are various routes to take, making it highly replayable.
  4. Effective Tutorial: This map combines effective game mechanics with impactful map design that teaches players how to use them.
  5. Timing and Precision: This difficult map requires timing and precision to complete, but it’s worth the challenge.
  6. Large Ramp: Players must climb a large ramp and make split-second decisions on where to travel. The turntable section adds chaos to the game.
  7. Tower of Pseudo: This tower map features falling floors and requires players to build up run patterns to complete it.
  8. Fruit-Shooting Cannons: This classic-style map is short and sweet, with players avoiding fruit-shooting cannons and other obstacles.
  9. Jump and Dive: This challenging map requires players to time their jumps precisely to land on one fan spinning up.
  10. Snek: Set in a snake, this map features spinning axes and gaps in the floor that players must avoid.

If you’re a Fall Guys fan, these custom maps are a must-try. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a map that will be featured on this list one day!


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